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Stage 1 chiptuning, remap

Stage 1 remap

On stage 1 remap, we do individual changes for fuel injection quantity, start of injection, turbocharger boost pressure, rail pressure, turbine geometry control and for limiting maps.

EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation) removal, switch off, 8bit, egr disable

EGR Removal

To turn off EGR valve we use different solutions for different models. At the end EGR is switched off and cause no more problems. Engine will be more efficient with better fuel economy.

DPF/FAP (diesel particulate filter) removal, switch off, disable,

DPF/FAP removal

We use various methods to disable regeneration of DPF systems. After successful shutdown, filter can be removed from exhaust system without causing error codes or limp mode.

Data trouble code, error code removal, p-code remove, fault code disable

DTC removal

We can remove and turn off any diagnostic trouble code (DTC) from Engine Control Unit causing you problems (for example check engine light on). When DTC is off component can be removed.

AdBlue switch off, turn off, removal

AdBlue/SCR removal

We use switch or combinated solution to disable AdBlue. After successful shutdown, whole AdBlue system can be removed without data trouble codes or safe mode.

Swirl, intake flaps removal, switch off, flaps disable, manifold runner disable

Intake/Swirl flaps

Some cars have issues with the Flaps and being the repair costs high, we simply offer to switch it off and deactivate the flaps by disconnecting them and removing it's functionality.

Lamda, O2, oxygen removal, switch off, removal, remove, disable

Lambda/O2 Removal

If catalyst has been removed we can disable second lambda, but the first lambda sensor will still control fuelling and maintains the correct lambda values and it will not detect low efficiency from the missing catalyst.

Start stop removal, switch off, start-stop disable

Start-Stop disable

Start/stop sometimes can be very annoying, as everytime the car is driven it have to be switched off to avoid car disconnecting itself. We can turn this function off.

Speed limiter removal, no speed limit

Speed limit remove

Almost every vehicle has absolute speed limiter. Some has 190kmh others 250kmh and so on. We can lower/increase this limiter according to needs.

MAF (mass air flow sensor) removal, switch off, disable

MAF sensor disable

MAF is very important sensor for fuel regulation, but sometimes (on high powered tuned cars) the MAF reading hits maximum value and touches maximum allowed voltage readed by sensor making fault registration.

Diesel engine hot and warm start fix

Hot/warm engine start

Some cars have bug in the ECU software causing big problem to start engine when it is hot or warm. Replacing starter will help, but we offer alternative to fix it only by changing the software.

Launch control, antilag

Launch control

Launch control is available on a limited number of car models. Please contact us for more information.

Torque monitoring switch off, removal, disable

Torque monitoring disable

Newer ECUs have new problem the Torque Monitoring function, this function makes ECU detect if the values of Torque are inconsistant with predefined ones and this will make car go into safe mode when aparently all is ok. We can disable this monitoring function.

Engine REV, RPM limiter increase/decrease

RPM/REV limiter

Every vehicle has it own engine rpm limiter. We can lower or increase this limiter as desired.

Stage 1 chiptuning, remap

Stage 2, 3 remap

We can make Stage 2, 3 remap for highly modified engine with hybrid turbochargers, bigger injectors, modified high pressure fuel pumps, free flow exhaust systems, etc.

Stage 1 chiptuning, remap

Pops and bang/crackle remap

We can make pop and bang/crackle remap on some petrol engines.